Civic Archaeological and City Museum

The Civic Archaeological and City Museum, inaugurated in 1990 (set up, integrated and renovated several times by the International Institute of Ligurian Studies), is located in the fifteenth-century ‘Loggia del Castello Nuovo’, within the monumental complex of Priamàr di Savona.
The Museum is part of the MUSA circuit (Civic Museums Savona), is included in the network of museums of the Liguria Region and the Province of Savona as well as in the Network of Museums of Western Liguria managed, such as the Savona one, by the International Institute of Ligurian Studies.
The Civic Archaeological and City of Savona Museum, located on the ground floor and first floor of the Palazzo della Loggia, combines the suggestion of the exhibition with some archaeological areas left in sight. The exhibition, curated by Guido Canali and the International Institute of Ligurian Studies with funding from the Municipality and the Savona Bank, is set in a perspective of continuous renewal to adapt the scientific contents to the dynamics of archaeological research. The leitmotif of the exhibition is the ceramic, of which the types produced from the Middle Ages in Savona are widely represented and a section is dedicated to the Fortress. A specific path for the blind (with reading in Braille) has been set up along the museum path, with some dedicated stations and the possibility of acquiring knowledge of some finds through direct tactile contact.

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