Dining with Rochester Square at the Museum of Ceramics

FROM 28/10/2023 TO 26/02/2024

From October 28, 2023 to February 26, 2024, works created during the summer art residency will be displayed in the exhibition “At the Table with Rochester Square”

Opening to the public on Saturday, Oct. 28, is the exhibition At the Table with Rochester Square: the fourth and fifth floors and terrace of the Museum of Ceramics in Savona will display the collective works designed by Rochester Square artists-Francesca Anfossi, Milan Tarascas, Ewelina Bartkowska, Lyson Marchessault, Paulina Michnowska, and Lex Franchi-during a summer school format residency organized in late August 2023 by the curators and the Museum Educational Service.

The summer school involved numerous artists and ceramists enrolled in the various workshops, who thus gave life to the design of the exhibition, leaning on artisan workshops and creative centers such as Studio Ernan Design, Officina Novecento, the Municipal School of Ceramics of Albisola Superiore, Casa Museo Jorn, and, of course, the Ceramics Museum workshop.

Terracotta stools and large earthenware and straw vases inspired by museum collections will stand alongside plaster casts paying homage to the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, founded by Asger Jorn and Enrico Baj, decorated utensils for the table, and lathe vases dedicated to food fermentation. The main hall will be set up as a banquet that will welcome the works around a large table handmade by the workshop participants themselves, which at the opening of the exhibition will be transformed into a real table set for guests to enjoy art with all their senses.

For the duration of the exhibition, there will also be a workshop for the public to try their hand at making sculptures for the earth garden set up on the museum’s terrace and intended to transport the atmosphere of the Rochester Square nursery from London to the heart of Savona. The entire exhibition will revolve around three pivotal elements, well expressed by the claim of the dynamic London studio: Clay, Food and Garden.

It will be a season with a spotlight on London. The social and convivial vision of Rochester Square’s ceramic art will alternate with the intimist and itinerant approach of Tommaso Corvi Mora’s work: during the same period, it will be possible to visit a section of the diffuse exhibition Diario, a project that investigates the artistic practice of Corvi Mora, who has lived and worked in London for years, within his intimate and everyday universe, through the expressive media of drawing, fabric and ceramics, which the artist has been working on since 2009.

Dining with Rochester Square
Francesca Anfossi with Milan Tarascas, Ewelina Bartkowska, Lyson Marchessault, Paulina Michnowska and Lex Franchi

Savona Museum of Ceramics
October 28, 2023 / February 26, 2024

Design and conception Museum of Ceramics of Savona, Francesca Anfossi
Edited by Alessio Cotena, Marco Isaia and Daniele Panucci
Graphic and exhibition design gaggeroservente
Savona Ceramic Museum Catalogue

The project is sponsored by the Savona Ceramic Museum Foundation, with the support of the De Mari Foundation, the sponsorship of the AICC and the municipalities of Savona, Albissola Marina, and Albisola Superiore.

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