The City of Wine - Albenga

Pigato, Rossese, Passito, Vermentino – just some of the characteristic wines of Albenga, which, with its long winemaking tradition, is known today as the ‘City of Wine’. A stroll through the city centre and then an aperitif!

The wine and oil road

The wine and oil road from the Alps to the sea – this is what they call the 13 routes that cover mountains, hills and valleys and encompass centuries of traditions, tastes and aromas of produce that distinguish Mediterranean culture. Peace and relaxation are the hallmarks of this hinterland, a journey of discovery through villages and nature.

Savona - City of Chinotto and Slices

After visiting Savona, an unmissable place for food and wine to buy typical produce like Chinotto and to snack on Fette, the fried Panissa strips!

Pesto and Basil - Celle Ligure

Ligurian cuisine is a simple cuisine based on common foods; in particular, aromatic herbs are widely used, among which basil stands out, an annual herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family.

The Genoese Basil is distinguished from other cultivars by the smaller leaves, with an oval and convex shape, and a pale green color. The scent is more delicate and devoid of the mint fragrance.

Prenota Ora

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