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From 10 to 17 March 2024 the Albisole join the initiative “Blue Week” dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the winter sea and its benefits.

The Municipalities of Albissola Marina and Albisola Superiore have organized a rich program of events for all ages, to promote the well-being and respect of our coastal heritage, all year round.

Sunday 10 March – from 10.00 to 12.00
Sede Asd – Gruppo pescatori dilettanti Albisola Superiore
“The fishermen tell”. ASD Gruppo Pescatori Dilettanti Albisola Superiore opens its doors to children and families
Sunday 10 March – 11.00 am
Sede Lega Navale Italiana Albisola Superiore
Sea rescue demonstration with dogs, by SICS
Sunday 10 March – 4.00 pm
Muda Centro Esposizioni – via dell’Oratorio 2, Albissola Marina
Presentation event and opening photo exhibition, curated by ANTA
Tuesday 12 March – 9.00 am
Piazza Vittorio Veneto – Albissola Marina
“The sea starts from here”, written on land awareness and collection cigarette butts by Assonautica and CEA, with classes Eco-Schools of primary school
Tuesday, March 12
Via Italia – Albissola Marina
“We learn marine knots”, activities for everyone (9.00/10.00 am)
Workshop for the fifth classes of primary school (10.00/11.00 am) by Assonautica
Wednesday 13 March – 9.00 am
Corso Mazzini – Albisola Superiore
“All manholes lead to the sea”, collection of cigarette butts, edited by Assonautica
Thursday, 14 March
9.00 am, at the free equipped beach of Albissola Marina
11.00 am, at the headquarters of the Naval League of Albisola Superiore
“We want a clean sea”, cleaning of the beach, by the Eco-Schools of primary school, CEA and Assonautica
Saturday 16 March – from 10.00 to 12.00 am
“Fishermen tell”, ANAM Albissola Marina opens its doors to children and families
Saturday 16 March – 16.00 am
Muda Centro Esposizioni – via dell’Oratorio 2, Albissola Marina)
Conference organized by SIPNEI
Saturday 16 March – 3.00 pm
Piazza del Talian – Albisola Superiore
“Il mare racconta”, animated readings by Riccardo Tortarolo and children’s workshop with the Traces Cooperative
Sunday 17 March – 11.00 am
Sede Lega Navale – Albisola Superiore
Winter trial in memory of Giovanni Selis, by ANTA and LNI.

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