Varazze, an important shipbuilding centre, is one of the Palm Riviera’s favourite destinations for young couples and families.

Varazze (Väze in Ligurian) is an Italian municipality of about 14,000 inhabitants in the province of Savona in Liguria. It is located in the inlet between Punta della Mola and Punta dell’Aspera, on the eastern section of the Riviera del Ponente Ligure and boasts a notable historical past as evidenced by the various signs still visible in the urban layout.
It was founded on the site of the Roman station Ad Navalia, indicated in the Tavola Peutingeriana, and is first mentioned, as Varagine, in a 10th century document. The place name is traced back to the Latin Varagine, derived in turn from the verb Varare and meaning ‘place of landing or boat building‘.

In the municipality of Varazze, in addition to the famous, picturesque seafront promenade, you can admire the cathedral of Sant’Ambrogio, built in the 16th century on the ruins of an earlier building, and it has a Romanesque-Gothic bell tower. The church of San Domenicois of 15th-century origin. The church of Saints Nazarioand Celso is from the 16th centuryandthe oratory of San Bartolomeo.The ruins of the ancient church of Sant’Ambrogio, whose façade is inserted into a section of the medieval walls. The 17th-century sanctuary of Santa Caterina.The convents of the Capuchins and Sant’Anna del Deserto. And the 12th- century church of Santo Cristoin Piani d’Invrea.


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