Whale watching in the Pelagos sanctuary with guide

The excursion takes about four hours in search of cetaceans in the company of an expert nature guide. In the first hour the guide will provide an introduction lesson to cetology.

It is important to know that the search for cetaceans in the waters of the Sanctuary requires a patient work of monitoring and observation of the surface, remembering that you are looking for wild animals and there are neither set times nor points to meet them.

We must accept a few hours of navigation, which will then be repaid by the emotion that we transmit.

Obviously this excursion takes place in the open sea, very far from the coast, it is important if it is the first experience or you are sensitive to the sea to take the right precautions: light breakfast not dairy products and sweet foods and if necessary take tablet for the sea 2 hours before departure.

During the excursion on our Motorboat, you will participate in a didactic lesson on the theme “introduction to the world of cetology”, followed by research and sighting with active participation of passengers.

Accompanied by a nature guide, we will look for an incredible variety of species: the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin, common whale, sperm whale, pilot whale, grampo and zifio.

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