Ligurian Riviera is not only outdoor, but also wellness and relaxation

The Ligurian Riviera captivates you with its scents and colours, its scenery and everything that this landscape of mountains and sea has to offer.

Romantic and fascinating, the Ligurian Riviera is just waiting to be discovered.

Long sandy coastlines alternate with pebbly, fine gravel beaches, cities of sea and art, along with enchanting places perched on hills and mountains.

Rediscover that feeling of wellbeing on a Ligurian Riviera holiday with excursions on foot, horseback or mountain bike, but also spas, relaxation and yoga!

Spa & Wellness

Loano, Tovo San Giacomo and Alassio are just some of the places where you can enjoy SPAs, wellness experiences and seawater therapy facilities. Many facilities also offer outdoor swimming pools and wellness programs for children, and they are perfect for a relaxing family holiday.

Mindfulness and holistic activities

There are many places and venues dedicated to holistic activities in the Ligurian Riviera holiday resorts, offering a rejuvenating ayurvedic massage and other beneficial treatments. You can choose between a wide range of offers: a sauna, to detox your body, a massage to pamper yourself after an athletic day, or Yoga, Taiji, Qi Gong to regain your inner balance…

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