Food and wine

The Ligurian Riviera is not just pesto and focaccia! It is also a hub for Slow Food, wine, oil and many regional recipes and produce for you to try in local restaurants and discover on local farms!

Slow food

The Slow Food prepared throughout the municipalities of Finale, Alassio and Albenga are a must for the Ligurian Riviera, from purple asparagus, Chinotto drink to artisan-grown peaches, all make our Riviera stand out. There’s something for every palate with our region’s incredible food and excellent wine. Try it to believe it!

Our wines

The uniqueness of the climate and the uniqueness of our terroirs bring about wines that cannot be produced elsewhere, with intense colours and incredible aromas. Pigato is a white grape variety with a scent of white flowers, fruit and marine notes. Rossese is a red grape variety with fruity aromas of morello cherries and a light structure. Vermentino is a white grape variety, that’s savoury and long on the palate. And there’s Granaccia with a fragrant scent and a dry, soft flavour.

Not to be missed:


a sauce to be enjoyed with traditional trofie or trenette pasta

Vegetable tarts

including Pasqualina, an artichoke tart typical of the Easter period

Wheat and chickpea flour

Wheat flour one is typical of the Savona area!

‘Panissa con la Fugassetta'

(Panissa with Focaccetta flat bread). Panissa is made with chickpea flour, water and salt and is cut into half-moon shapes and fried, this has led to them being known as Fette, meaning ‘slices’.

Borage ravioli

ravioli filled with herbs and prescinseua (a typical cheese), even better served with walnut sauce!

Ligurian-style rabbit

stuffed with local Taggiasca olives

Seafood dishes

with stuffed anchovies, cuttlefish, swordfish, tuna, sardines, salted anchovies and mixed fried fish

Amaretti di Sassello

an almond-based sweet typical of the Savona heartland

Slow Food

includes Savona's Chinotto, a typical citrus fruit, and Albenga's violet asparagus

La Cima

a veal pocket filled with a mixture of eggs, meat, offal, vegetables, grated cheese and herbs

Cappon magro

is a traditional Ligurian dish of fish, shellfish and vegetables, served throughout the Ligurian Riviera especially on feast days

Extra virgin olive oil and local wines

including Rossesse, Pigato and Lumassina.