Fugàssa Tour – On the Hunt for Focaccia

Coming to Ligurian Riviera also means making at least one gastronomic stop to taste the typical Ligurian dishes, especially focaccia. But why stop at one stop?
“Hunting for focaccia, the original Fugàssa Tour” was designed to offer an experience for true gourmets who want to discover a place through its culinary traditions, in this case the most famous Ligurian dish together with pesto.

This tour gives you the opportunity to relate friendly with the operators of the ovens to learn more about the recipe and the specialties of their own shop. Taste the focaccia prepared in different bakeries, with similar ingredients and never the same, will give you the opportunity to become attached to one place rather than another, offering the unique opportunity to learn to choose which is the loanese focaccia that has conquered you.

The 13 bakeries belonging to the circuit are recognizable by means of the sticker “Fugàssa Tour – The original”, among which you will also find those Gluten Free, Veganok and Vegetarianok.

Why not start this tour of focaccia loanese already this weekend?

You can find the map of the participating shops on the website of the association Due Zaini and a Camallo at the following link: www.duezainieuncamallo.com/fugassatour

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