New foliage destinations on the Ligurian Riviera

Between late September and late November the leaves of the trees give us wonderful colors, due to the effect of the different temperature range between the day and the night typical of the autumn season. In the previous article we have indicated some of the destinations where you can admire the foliage in the Pearls of Savona: we promised you other places where you can get excited in front of nature, and here they are below!

Between Finale Ligure and Calizzano extend both the wood of the Melogno hill and the Barbottina State Forest. The latter is home to some of the monumental beech trees, secular trees with a high trunk, which reach 50 meters in height: in autumn, when the climate gets cooler, these shrubs retain the heat and make the undergrowth even more magical.

Moving towards Savona, we can find in Cairo Montenotte the Adelasia Park: the characteristics of the Reserve, rich in waters that are collected in numerous streams and rivers that have frequent pools, waterfalls and meanders, promote the development of forests with species of plants and animals typical of cool and humid climates, giving wonderful bright autumn colors.

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